Lonnie Poole Golf Course Adds Foresight Sports GC Quad

Foresight GC Quad |

There has never been a better time for club fitting at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course (LPGC). The course recently added the new Foresight GC Quad, which offers swing analysis precision matched by no other launch monitor in the world. 

The Foresight GC Quad uses four high-speed cameras to detect greater precision in determining key launch conditions like ball speed, club speed, launch angle and spin rate. It also includes detailed analysis such as the rate of clubface rotation, impact location, and lies angle at impact.

“For professional club fitters, there is no substitute for the Quad,” said Daniel Spurling, LPGC master clubfitter. “The data captured by the cameras at the moment of impact is vital to fitting equipment to our standards. We are able to fit each individual club to optimize its performance.”

Spurling emphasized that each fitting is custom to individual pieces of equipment for players. 

“We don’t take one measurement from one club and build a uniform set,” Spurling explained. “We measure each club separately. Also, we don’t guess with the Quad; we get it right the first time, every time.”

Altogether, this provides our players with the most realistic simulation experience. World-renowned courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and Pinehurst #2 are among the many course simulation options available to play. Lonnie Poole Golf Course partnered with Foresight Sports to have its course digitally mapped and published for simulation as well. Players can virtually play the golf course any time of the year without the worry of weather restrictions.

To make an appointment, call the golf shop at 919.515.6527.